90 Smartphones Are Sold Every Time You Read This Title

Imagine that you got a dollar for every selfie you take. Or even better, suppose you got a dollar for every selfie taken worldwide. That sounds like a ton of money, but that is actually close to how much the biggest technology companies are making thanks to their powerful online presence. Having a successful online business means reaching millions of potential clients no matter where they are; the audience is even bigger when referring to mobile device usage.

Did you know that Google makes around $150K every 5 minutes from advertisements only from mobile devices? Google's profit is not the only profit that grows at a crazy high speed; Amazon sells about 2000 products every minute just through mobile devices while Alibaba makes $2000 by selling ads on mobile devices. Right time to get your own mobile app look for trusted  Mobile app development company before its too late. 

It seems like opening a real store is an old and obsolete idea. On the other hand, even online stores are losing terrain. Mobile apps are taking over the e-commerce business, being the best choice for selling good and services. Statistically, according to The U.S. Technology Device Ownership, 78% of young adults own a laptop computer. However, about 86% of the same group have a mobile device. That translates into many reachable clients and eventually, more money.

Now, with over 300,000 apps created during the last three years it is not easy to be successful, but if numbers work well, profit increases exponentially. The best example of the huge advantage of reaching customers through mobile devices is Apple. Apple catches clients in every possible way; they actually know how to make money. Apple sells more that 300 iPhones every minute while 45,000 apps are being downloaded from the app store! The average price of an iPhone is $690 and $1.5 for apps; you do the math.

E-commerce is not the only extremely profitable field. Social media is also in its golden age. During the time you have been reading this article, about 400,000 tweets have been published, and over 3 million users have accessed Facebook using mobile devices.

DealSunny has created an incredible animated mobile statistics graphic never seen before; it shows in real time the growth of mobile usage data worldwide. In plain English, this innovative tool shows in numbers how much websites and apps are being used on mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Just scroll around and be prepared to get amazed. In real time, the mobile usage page displays facts like how many WhatsApp messages, photos, voice messages and videos are being sent. Not only that but many other interesting facts. Take notes:

  • There are about 1,000,000 matches on Tinder every hour... Will they all end up together?
  • 7.96% of all web traffic in the United States is mobile traffic.
  • Starbucks has 16 million active users of its mobile app, making mobile payments every week. That is nearly 19 percent of all transactions in US stores. Who would've known?
  • There have been over 1 billion downloads of the Skype mobile app.

Mobile devices have overtaken the world and are changing the way of making a profit and reaching people. The key is to create an app or a mobile-friendly site and add a ton of creativity and innovation to it. For instance, Amazon owns the license and copyright of the 1-Click payment option. This button gives buyers the chance to skip the checkout process when making an online purchase taking their payment information from previous transactions. A very smart way of making people unconsciously buy more and more products every day. That is the reason it sells 2,000 items per minute.

DealSunny has done extensive research on mobile usage. The real-time mobile usage data not only helps to analyze the strength of mobile usage but it is also a good reference and inspiration for other websites and small businesses to set bigger goals or even change their reaching out strategies.

4.43 billion people are out there constantly checking out their devices. Putting the right content in front of them makes the difference between swimming in $100 bills or swimming in loan bills.

Apps vs. websites

It has been proved that 90 percent of online users' time is spent in apps rather than websites. Just another evidence of the power of apps. However, it is always important to keep in mind that business owners should not underestimate websites development, by the end of the day, that is the hook that leads visitors from browsers to apps.

Mobile devices: Originally communication tools; now, part of the 21st-century lifestyle. Are real stores going to disappear? What would happen if the internet collapsed? What is the limit for mobile device usage? Ever farther, is there a limit?

Nobody knows the answer to those questions, but while we found out, check out the real-time mobile usage data page. It is the perfect way of getting knowledge while getting motivated to join the mobile devices business or a least discover the power of a well-managed online presence. With 4 billion potential customers and the mobile usage data going up, it seems like creating the right apps is as profitable as operating a diamond mine.

By the way, while you were reading this, Google already made $500K. If I were you, I would get back to work.

Check out the full page: Mobile Usage: experience realtime growth of mobile usage data.

Jun 24, 2016