Privacy Policy

At DealSunny your privacy is a top priority, this means we will never share or sell your personal

information with third parties without your explicit consent, and always clearly explain our

intentions when you go through the process of submitting any private data to us. The proceeding

privacy policy details the information we may collect from you during your visit to

and the way in which we use it.


Please recognise that DealSunny are an independent aggregator of existing online offers and coupon

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site. If you take a code from DealSunny and visit an online store or service, you are advised to read

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What Information We Collect


Non-personally Identifiable Information

During a session at DealSunny we may collect certain non-personally identifiable information,

including but not limited to your IP address and its geographic location, the web browser software

you have used, your device and its operating system, the web search engine or website that referred

you, the amount of time you spent on the site, and what pages you loaded.

This is descried as "non-personally identifiable information" because we do not know who it belongs

to, thus cannot personally identify you.

Data of this kind is collected automatically by web tracking software and analytics scripts. We use

such data in a bulk manner to internally chart the growth of the website and to monitor user trends.

For example if the data shows that the majority of visitors use a certain device or web browser, our

developer may decide to optimize the site to cater to them.


User Submitted Information

At times we may prompt you to submit personal information such as your name and email address,

of your own free will. We may request this as part of a newsletter subscription, a competition entry,

if you contact us with a query, or similar instances. We will clearly state our intentions before you

submit your information and will never use it for any purpose that you have not consented to.

We may disclose personal information as necessary to meet legal, regulatory, insurance, audit and

security requirements, with your consent, or as permitted or required by law.



During a visit to numerous cookies may be stored on your computer. A cookie is a

file sent to your hard drive through your web browser that stores certain technical information

about your Internet usage. If you do not know what cookies are, or how to control or delete them,

then we recommend you visit for detailed guidance.

Our cookies are used as per the terms found under "Non-personally Identifiable Information."

Cookies might also be used by third party websites whose services are utilized by DealSunny. These

types of cookies may include advertisements, and social media widgets and sharing buttons.



We have adopted reasonable security measures, appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal

information, against unauthorized access, disclosure, loss or destruction of personal information.

These measures may include technological, physical and organizational methods of security.

Our website is located on a secure server and is protected with the latest security technology, to

ensure that you are safe when browsing. However, you agree that the transmission of data over the

Internet cannot be 100% guaranteed, and is always a low risk.



By browsing and using, you agree to have read, understood and abide by this privacy