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KFC is the world’s second largest chain of fast food restaurants and has nearly 20,000 locations around the world. Founded in 1980 by Harland Sanders, KFC started out as a roadside restaurant. It would later change the restaurant industry in the 1950s, which was a time when the most popular and advertised fast food option was the hamburger. Today, it is one of the most popular restaurants and is recognized on a global scale, with many people redeeming KFC coupons on a regular basis to order their favorite meal combo. 

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About KFC

Without a doubt, KFC’s original fried chicken is the most popular item that is on the menu. The chicken is pressure fried and seasoned with a special combination of 11 spices and herbs that were selected by Sanders. Although many people have tried to replicate the flavour, the ingredients are a trade secret that have been passed down carefully throughout the company and not elsewhere.


Order KFC Online Anytime

KFC can be ordered online, although this tends to vary depending on your nearest KFC location. Not all KFC locations offer this function, although they are estimated to expand in the future. When making an online order, you have a greater potential to enjoy coupons and other rewards. Ordering online allows you to use a KFC promo code before you submit your order. This promo code will add a discount to your purchase so that you can enjoy your meal for a significantly lower price.

If you notice that your promo code isn’t working correctly or is not applying to your order, consider checking the expiry date or any additional terms and conditions associated with the promotion. In order for a promo code to function correctly, all of the conditions must be met so that you can redeem the discount. KFC lists all of the requirements and expiration dates for their promotions on its website.

For those times when you don’t feel like going directly to the restaurant and you don’t have your computer nearby, you can also make an order for KFC via the restaurant’s app. The app is available for Android and for iPhone so that everyone can experience quick and convenient ordering.

Best Meals on the KFC Menu

People primarily associate the restaurant with chicken, but KFC offers many other meal options such as wraps, salads, pot pies and various other side dishes. Burgers, desserts, and unique beverages have also become very popular options on the KFC menu. What is available on the menu tends to vary depending on your location, but most KFC’s keep the most popular menu options in stock.

If you are looking for a cost efficient option that will either provide you with multiple meals or feed a small family, KFC always has a few options that offer great potential. Of course, a bucket of chicken is generally the most common choice and is likely one meal option that the restaurant is the most well known for. Another alternative to consider is the box meal. The box meal usually features a 5-in-1 combination of some of the most popular KFC menu options such as rice and gravy, chicken, hot wings, a chocolate pie, and a beverage of your choice. This is great for those days when you are a little more hungry than usual!

While most people do not expect it, KFC also offers vegetarian options on its menu. This ensures that there is something for everyone to eat when sharing a meal together at KFC. Vegetarian options are also available for box meals, making them a great grab and go item for anyone who has a busy schedule and not enough time to cook at home.

Charity Promotions

While KFC offers many promotions to help save you money, such as KFC coupons India, the restaurant also focuses greatly on promoting its charity work as well. Dedicated to improving the community throughout India, KFC works together with a variety of charities within the area. In example, KFC currently promotes contributing to the Add Hope program, which aims to feed hungry children throughout the region. Adding Rs.5 to your bill when your make your KFC order will provide a donation to the program, which will in turn provide food for children that are less fortunate.

Actions like this really make KFC stand out in comparison to other fast food chains. Although ordering a bucket of KFC chicken has often been a guilty pleasure for some people, the truth is that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that those orders often benefit other people as well. So next time you’re feeling hungry, consider ordering your favorite chicken combo paired with a few carefully selected KFC coupons and a donation. You won’t regret it!


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