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Thyrocare is India’s first and most comprehensive automated laboratory. Touting a presence in over 2000 cities throughout India and around the world, Thyrocare is a fully functioning diagnostic laboratory. It provides high quality results at affordable prices to hospitals and labs throughout India and other countries through the use of unique Thyrocare coupons and promotions, making it a valuable asset for cost effective options within the medical industry. 

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About Thyrocare

Thyrocare has a Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL) located in Mumbai, India, which is responsible for handling all esoteric tests. The company also has a Regional Processing Lab (MPL) located in all major metro cities within India and in many locations throughout Asia. Thyrocare quickly became one of the first Indian diagnostic labs to be obtain international accreditation in 2001 and later received accreditation of ISO 9001 in 2008, NABL in 2005, and CAP certification in 2007.


What Makes Thyrocare So Different?

Thyrocare centers around a unique concept and a unique approach to handling lab tests and other medical processing needs. Thyrocare offers a fully automated diagnostic lab that functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lab is set up over a space of 2,00,000 square feet of floor space to provide professionals with plenty of space for processing over 40,000 specimens. The lab is also able to handle over 2,00,000 clinical chemistry investigations a night, showing true diligence and dedication to speed and accuracy in performance.

Thyrocare uses air-cargo logistics to ensure that samples that are sent to the lab will arrive within the necessary time constraints. This means that samples can arrive every night, within the same night, or even before midnight if necessary. The laboratory’s main focus is clinical chemistry and preventative care diagnoses, but it is able to handle a wide range of specimens, samples, and requirements at client request.

Why Is Thyrocare Better Than Other Labs?

It is a fact that Thyrocare is the most affordable lab services provider. Laboratories around the world rely on Thyrocare quality services.Thrycare is also very respected in South East Asia and the Middle East. In addition to their low prices, there are always coupons and promo codes available so you pay less for the best lab services in India.

Part of the convenience associated with Thyrocare can be found in the way that its services are presented. For example, professionals can book tests and other lab services completely through the Thyrocare website, which makes it a quick and convenient option. This means that they don’t have to call a lab and experience a delay while waiting for someone to take their call to accept the booking because it is already recorded in the online system.

One of the benefits in using the online system is that healthcare professionals can see exactly what these tests will cost. There is full transparency on the cost of tests and services, so professionals are never surprised about the final cost when they receive the results for their patients. The use of the online system also makes it easy to redeem promotions, such as Thyrocare coupons, which can be input during the checkout process.

Great Preventative Healthcare Services

You don't have to be sick to use Thyrocare services, coupons and offers. Many people use thyrocare preventative healthcare. In addition, you can download the thyrocare app for iPhone and Android phones and you will instantly get access to a wide range of deals you can take advantage of.

When you use the Thyrocare app, you have access to many different preventative healthcare services. You can book these services or request tests at the touch of a button, making it a very convenient option for those that have hectic schedules and struggle with finding the time to keep updated on their healthcare. With the Thyrocare app, you can book tests, profiles, and healthcare packages anytime and from any location. You can also download reports regarding your test results whenever you want. The app features a completely secure payment gateway and keeps your information confidential. Finally, it’s also a quick way to book healthcare services for your entire family.

Thyrocare understands that many people struggle with being able to afford the costs of healthcare. Sometimes people have conditions or diseases that require extra care and these costs can be expensive. Other times, costs can increase when you start a family because while you were previously responsible for your healthcare alone, now you are responsible for the healthcare of multiple people. As a result, Thyrocare endeavors to provide useful discounts and promotions to the public to help lessen the overall costs of these services, much of which can be achieved through the use of Thyrocare coupons. This interest and dedication to easing the cost of public healthcare only further demonstrates the quality of care and attention to detail that Thyrocare offers in all aspects of its business.


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