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Yerha are a new and upcoming company who sell technology items primarily for the Indian market. However, your Yerha coupons can be used no matter where in the world that you are ordering from. When they first started on their business venture, they had clear goals in mind with one of them being to provide their customers with only the highest standard gadgets that are all up to date.

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About Yerha

They grew tired of seeing tech companies who were selling a load of products that didn’t give people enough value for what they were paying for. This company are only interested in selling items for their customers that they know people are truly going to make use of. This has required them to become more innovative than a lot of other similar companies that are in their market and the Yerha phone price in India is something that thousands of customers have come to appreciate.


Striving to be leaders in their market is what they set out to do and their customers are loving everything that they have on offer, especially since the prices are very affordable. The company have partnered with other businesses who are based out of the USA and they have been working together to create nothing but the best products to bring to the market in India. Keeping things simple and innovative is how they operate and it has been working wonders for them recently.

Additionally, promotional offers like Yerha coupons always go down well with the customers as it gives them the chance to save some money on their gadgets. 

Delivery Options

When shopping with Yerha, you can confident in the fact that they will work their hardest to make sure that all of your orders are dispatched and sent out as quickly as possible. For most orders, they will take anywhere between three and seven days until they are delivered to your address.

They always keep you up to date on the status of your order. So once you have purchased your items, you will receive an email to let you know when your product is going to be dispatched and when you can expect to have it delivered to you.

The delivery services offered by Yerha can send orders out to 7000 destinations within India but there is currently no shipping methods for people who are living outside of the country. They use an external but trustworthy courier service where you are able to keep a track of your order the entire way from the company’s warehouse all the way to your front doorstep.

The amount that customers in India are charged for their delivery varies depending on how heavy the order is as well as the location. Also, Yerha offers cannot be used to bring down the costs of delivery.

Customers can go with the cash on delivery service but you can only do so for orders that equal to less than RS 6000. You will always be able to see how much you will be charged for delivery on the website when you are going through the process of having the products confirmed to be sent out to you. Most deliveries are sent out within 2-7 business days.


Yerha have gained a great reputation for the amount of care that they put into giving their customers the best all-round experience and this includes providing them with the option to return products. Even if a Yerha promo code has been used, you will still be able to request for a return on your items.

The company’s return policy is as easy as can be since their policies are not completely set in stone. This allows for a degree of flexibility as there are many cases which are unique from one another so in order for Yerha to keep their customers happy, they needed to be able to adapt to all kinds of different situations.

However, the company does not currently accept products for return if you were looking for a refund. They will only accept your item for an exchange for another product. You can apply for an exchange for your product if it has arrived to you faulty or they have delivered the wrong item to you.

In order to be able to have an exchanged product sent out to you, the product that you wish to return needs to have been in a condition where it hasn’t been used or damaged in any way. The original packaging around the item must be intact and any accessories that you receive with the product must also be returned.

You can choose any item in return for an exchange as long as it is the lower than or the same value as your original product. So any Yerha coupons or discounts that may have been applied could affect what items you can and can’t choose from but you may want to contact the company to ask them about it. 


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