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Coolwinks is a newly established business who give their customers the chance to be able to see with clarity again by providing them with vision enhancing items. Their prices are always affordable, especially for the customers who have Coolwinks coupons as it gives them the chance to receive great discounts on their glasses. 

The company has their sights set on one goal and that is to become the number one retailer that people think of when it comes to products that help them to see clearer. They have a wide scope of items on offer, from the standard eyeglasses to sunglasses; all of which are personally prescribed to you and your needs.

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About Coolwinks

Coolwinks never fails to put their customers first and as a result, they have been able to help millions of people with their eyesight problems. They take great pride in knowing that they’ve played a role in improving as aspect of someone’s life and providing their customers with value is one of the fundamentals on which they have gained their reputation. It’s the reason as to why Coolwinks coupons can be applied to all of their products.


On the Coolwinks website, you can find a ton of useful information where they give you fantastic tips on how you can make improvements to your vision as well as any advice that you may have been searching for. The prices at which you can buy your glasses are affordable but the quality is always of a very high standard. They understand the importance of being able to see with clarity and how much it can impact your lives and that’s what has made them a successful company within such a short amount of time.

Delivery Options

At Coolwinks, they have a goal of making sure that your product is delivered to your address as quickly as possible. Living up to this standard is particularly tricky for this company since every single one of their products is a custom order.

Also, any Coolwinks offers that you apply to your products will not affect the cost of delivery. The delivery services that are available to you are as follows:

  • Normal/No power eyeglasses – Usually takes 1-2 days to dispatch item and another 1-2 days until it makes its way to your address.
  • Normal/No power sunglasses – You can expect to have them sent to you within 3-4 working days after taking into consideration the amount of time it takes for the items to be dispatched and delivered to you.
  • RX sunglasses and RX eyeglasses take 1-2 days until they are dispatched on top of the 2-4 days you have to wait until the products make their way to your address.

As of right now, Coolwinks do not charge their customers for delivery, even if they are located in foreign countries. This is something that they will hold off on for as long as they can but if anything does every change, the company will get in contact with you straight away to let you know of the changes.

If you have purchased items in a sale or used a Coolwinks promo code and you wish to send the item back to the company, they will not refund you for the amount that you were charged to ship the products back to them. This is because they did not charge you anything in the first place and when you are sending your items to them, it’s likely that you would be using a completely different courier service to the one that Coolwinks is associated with.


If you were to take a look at any Coolwinks review, you would see that the customer talks about how good their entire experience with the company was. This even includes customers wanting to send items back to them. They make their returns and refund process as easy and as simple as can be to ensure that their customers can endure a process that is free from hassle.

They know how frustrating it can be when you aren’t fully satisfied with a product which is why they put so much effort into lending a helping hand in these cases.

For those who want to send their glasses back for a refund, all they have to do is get in contact with the company and they will take your request and make sure that you are left with the outcome that you wanted. As long as you are sending your item back for a legitimate reason (i.e. the product was faulty when you received it) there should be no problems in receiving a full refund.

Giving customers such care and attention is what draws many people to want to work with the company in the first place, so if this was something that is important to you, a Coolwinks career could be round the corner. In the meantime, use Coolwinks coupons for your purchases!


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