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Being one of the first denim clothing companies in India has enabled Flying Machine to find a great deal of success, especially since the younger generations love the kinds of clothing products that are made available to them. To take things even further, Flying Machine coupons can be applied to all of the items that are on offer.

They were founded in 1980 and since then, the company has grown into what it is today. They have now found their voice in the urban scene and that’s what they have built their brand around. In the start however, the company was a very different kind of brand.

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About Flying Machine

They originally specialised in creating tailor made clothing but 14 years later, they had switched to focusing their efforts into jeans for men living in India. They soon found that the youth of India were responding incredibly well to the items that they were selling and this gave them the confidence to carry on down the road of selling denim branded products. The Flying Machine coupons definitely helped to attract more customers to their stores.

Flying Machine

The business had a relaunch in 2007 which changed the direction in which the company was heading. This relaunch also included all of their stores across the country given a complete makeover to make it suited to the more urban style of clothing that they were selling.

Flying Machine worked with new team of designers during their relaunch and they played a vital role in how successful this bold move would be. Customers responded well and the company has now gained a great reputation and reinvented a brand for themselves. Offers like the Flying Machine promo code were also pretty handy in helping them brand themselves in a new light.

Delivery Services

You have the ability to choose from a variety of different delivery options so that you can pick the one that is the most suitable for your needs. The whole idea behind their delivery services is to ensure that you receive your products in a fast manner as they know that it can become frustrating having to wait a long time for your orders to be delivered. Providing a fulfilling experience in every aspect is important for this company, which is why they offer things like Flying Machine bags free of charge.

All of the deliveries will make their way to your address between the days of Monday and Saturday within the times of 9am-7pm. The company will always email you to inform you that your order has been confirmed and you will also have the chance to track your packages so that you are aware of where they are during their delivery to your address.

The standard delivery options vary depending on the area that you are living in. If you are in a metro city, your packages will be delivered within 3-5 working days and customers who are residing in other cities will have to wait between six and twelve days for their orders.

Delivery is free for those who are living in India but for customers who are living outside of India, shipping charges will be present. Flying Machine discount coupons cannot be applied to the delivery cost as they only affect the prices of the items that you have purchased. You may have to contact the company to find out how much the delivery will be as it varies quite a bit depending on where you are living.


Sending items back for a refund or exchange is as easy as can be. All you need to do is stick to the guidelines that they have set out on their website and you will have your situation fixed within no time. You must ensure that you have contacted the company within 30 days after your products had been delivered.

Your items cannot have been used and they must be in good condition. So any tags that came with the item must still be attached and the packaging surrounding your product must be the same as when it was first delivered to you.

Customers are always happy to know that they can send their items back for free. When it comes to the refunds, they will give you back the exact amount of money that you had paid for the product, so be mindful of whether or not you had used any of the Flying Machine coupons as they will affect how much you are refunded.

Exchanging items does not infer any further costs onto you but the exchange may have to be delayed depending on the availability of the products that they have in stock. But if the items that you would like to swap for the one you have purchased is in stock, Flying Machine will send it out to you for free.


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