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Evok is the home of retailing when it comes to modern retailing and there are plenty of Evok coupons that you can choose from. They have a great team of staff who are always looking to help you out in any way possible and the company never stops trying to pursue ways of expanding themselves.

Offering customers promotional offers is one of the many ways that they show their customers that they value them. This company has consistently had the goal of being specialists in home retail products.

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About Evok

They have stores all across the UK to ensure that they are readily available to their customers regardless of where they are living. Evok also keep more than 20000 products in the home furniture sector so you can be sure that there’s always going to be a large enough variety of items for you to pick from. Evok coupons can be used on all of the products that the company has to offer.


You can find home furniture, kitchen items, accessories, wall fashion and a number of services that Evok provides their customers with. One of their most popular services includes interior designers helping you to create your perfect home.

Evok works very closely with their architects and builders to ensure that every project they take on is completed to the best of their abilities. They understand that you’re paying for a high quality service and they want to give you value for your money.

Delivery Options

As we mentioned above, Evok is all about giving their customers the best possible value for their money and this includes ensuring that their shopping experience is as good as it can be. They have been hard at work to make sure that they dispatch all of their products within 48 hours once they have receive confirmation of the order.

Evok offers their delivery service to the majority of customers who are residing in India but you should always check your post code on the website to make sure. Any places that are currently not eligible to receive deliveries, Evok are in the process of making their delivery services available to you.

Any of the furniture items you purchase from Evok will be delivered by the company themselves, but for many of the other larger products, they will use a separate courier delivery company. It’s also rare for items to be delivered to you late, but if this does happen, there’s nothing to worry about as you can always get in contact with Evok and they will help you to find out what’s happening with your order.

For the orders that have been customised, you can expect to have your items delivered to you within 12-15 working days once you have confirmed your order. Any Evok offers that you may have used on your orders, they will not reduce the delivery charges as there are none.

Customers are happy to know that they can have their products sent to them without having to pay extra in delivery fees.

As far as the normal orders are concerned, you will usually have your items with you no later than 10 days after you had placed your order. If there are any delays, Evok will either call you or email you to let you know of any delays.

Returns & Exchanges

Evok have followed a mantra that they have stuck to ever since they established themselves; and that was to offer great quality products at prices that people could afford. However, they were always aware of the fact that there were going to be customers who wanted to exchange their items or have them returned to receive their money back.

This is something that all customers can do, even they had used an Evok promo code. For customers who want to have their products exchanged, they have the chance to do so as long as they make the request within 14 days after the item had been delivered to them. However, the products must be in good condition. Therefore they cannot have been used and it must be sent back to the company in the packaging that they received it in.

Evok will often carry out their own inspections on the product that you have sent back to make sure that it is still of a good enough quality to allow them to sell the item on again. If they feel as though you have not met their requirements, they can refuse your request to have items exchanged.

But if everything goes smoothly, you can pick another product as long as it’s the same value or above the one that you had sent back to them.

If products have arrived to you damaged, you have the opportunity to send the item back to the company, no matter if you used Evok coupons, or any one of their other promotional offers.



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