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Customers can use Rento Mojo coupons to receive reduced prices on renting home furniture items from the website. Renting furniture may initially seem like quite a weird thing to do but the founders of the company found that there was a major gap in the market when it came to renting furniture out to people.

The whole idea behind running the business was to make things as easy as possible for their customers. A lot of the time, people end up spending tons of money on home furniture products and accessories that end up being a bad investment. For example, if you have ever purchased something that you liked at first, but after a little while, you found that you didn’t like it as much, you’d be stuck with it; unless you wanted to sell it.

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About Rento Mojo

But the odds are that you would end up losing money as well as going through the hassle of selling the item. Rento Mojo coupons can be used on all of the rental services that the company have to offer on their website. However, they offer more than just rental services.

Rento Mojo

At Rento Mojo, they work hard to open up their customers’ eyes to a great range of products that they never thought they would be able to rent. Their customer services department is on hand to aid you with any questions or issues that you may have. After all, they are mostly concerned with making your life as convenient as it can be when buying furniture and appliance products.

As a result of this motto, the responses that you receive from their team is always prompt and many customers are surprised to find just how quickly they are responded to.

Delivery Policies

Rento Mojo offers don’t work on the deliveries themselves since you are not charged a penny to have your products sent to you. Deliveries are available to be made every single day of the week. When they arrive at your address to deliver your products, you have the opportunity to also have them install the items for you; this service is also free of charge.

Customers will be charged fees upon delivery if the premises require a lift and you do not have the required permission for the delivery workers to use it with the kinds of products that they are bringing up. For example, if you lived in a block of flats on the top floor and you didn’t have a lift or you didn’t have permission for it to be used, the workers would have to carry the products up the stairs to your flat. In this case, you would have to pay a labour fee.

Offers like Rento Mojo discount coupons cannot be used to receive lower prices on any of the labour fees that you may have been charged.

Since the products you are receiving are rented, you may be wondering if you can have any help from the company if you moved to a different location. As long as you are moving to a place where Rento Mojo operates, then they will aid you in your relocation process.

Once you have confirmed your order, you will receive a call to organise a suitable time for when the company will deliver the items to you. If you are not in on the time when you had agreed to be available for the delivery, you will be charged an extra fee.


There are quite a specific set of guidelines that must have been followed if you want to be eligible for sending items back to the company, although the use of promotional offers, like a Rento Mojo promo code, don’t tend to affect this.

If you want to send products back based on the dimensions, they will not accept your request since this information about the item was made clear to customers on the website. However, you can always give the company a call and they will always be happy to help you out in the best way that they can.

Sometimes there are genuine cases where they will accept returns, for example, if your products were delivered to you in a damaged state. But a lot of the time, you can take up these issues with the delivery team who have set up the furniture and appliance items in your place. They do not leave until you have said that you are completely happy with the way everything is so once they leave, it makes it difficult to bring up any issues.

Rento Mojo coupons can be used on all products and they are not something that will affect your ability to send your items back to the company.


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