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Do you have chores that need to be done around your home but you don’t have time to do them? Do you ever wish you could hire some helping hands to make your schedule a little easier? Bro4u may be the solution that you’ve been waiting for. Designed to bring the best services within India to your doorstep, Bro4u makes your life more simple by providing you with assistance when you need it the most. Bro4u coupons make the process cheap and affordable!

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Bike Service: Get Rs. 100 Off on Your First Order

Offer valid only on your first order. The service includes brake test, washing, tyre pressure check, clutch, air filter test, battery top ups, electrical connections test and more.

Exclusive Offer: Get Upto 25% Off Cashback

Get Upto Rs 300 cashback on your purchases.Offer applicable only once per user.Offer cannot be combined with Bro4U Wallet Cash if any.

25% OFF
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About Bro4u

Bro4u is India’s most rapidly growing ecommerce marketplace for services throughout the region. It doesn’t matter what type of service you may need, Bro4u has someone to help. Featuring a dependable app and website, Bro4u puts the power of all local services into your hands. You can request for assistance from the privacy of your own home or you can schedule service for a future time while you’re at work. The possibilities are endless when you use Bro4u.


What Kind of Services Can You Expect from Bro4U?

When you choose services from Bro4u, the sky is truly the limit. Bro4u can provide you with cleaners, pest control, packers and movers, repair, delivery, painting, consultants and much more. Some of the most recent additions include on demand bike service, yoga and meditation classes, physiotherapy, and personal fitness trainers.

Have you looked around your home lately and noticed that there’s repairs and other work that needs to be done? If you’re not capable of doing it yourself or you just don’t have the time, you might want to hire a professional from Bro4u. Bro4u can provide you with air conditioning repair and service, home appliance repair, kitchen appliance repair, and even sewage cleaning. If you need a plumber, electrician or carpenter, Bro4u is a great resource.

Other times, you might need assistance or guidance from a consultant. Bro4u can provide you with passport consultants, PAN card consultants, and even notary. When it comes to legal matters, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a professional at the last minute anymore! Get your documents notarized and get professional advice on demand with Bro4u.

Bro4u offers a number of truly unique services such as purohits, laundry services, doorstep car washers, pet cars, and even driving school. This only further demonstrates that if there’s something abstract that you need assistance with, Bro4u can provide you with someone willing to do the job. Simple tasks such as these can help you to stay on track with your schedule at work or university without having to worry about what you have to take care of at home.

Make Any Service More Affordable with a Bro4U Promo Code

Once you’ve decided that you want to use Bro4u services, you may find yourself wondering how much it will cost. Bro4u services are very affordable and can fit into any budget. However, the company provides many different promotions to ensure that you can use the services without worrying about how it’s going to affect your upcoming paycheck or your savings.

Using a promo code during the order process is easy. Select the service that you would like to book and determine what time you would like for the service to occur. When you have provided all of the designated information and details for the booking, you may notice that a coupon code may be requested. Provide this code and apply it to redeem a discount. You can also redeem a Bro4u wallet coupon when your service or product has arrived. This will ensure that you will get a great deal on your service even if you haven’t input a promo code when you were making your order online.

You can also save money on future Bro4u services by making referrals. With Bro4u coupons, you can earn savings every time someone signs up to use Bro4u services through your code. Over time, this can add up to provide you with discounts on many of your future orders.

Cancellation and Refund Terms

When you order service, Bro4u endeavors to ensure that everything will be provided per the specifications and periods that are listed for the service that you have requested. If the service is not delivered due to circumstances or issues with the vendor, then the order will be cancelled and refunded. Acknowledging this, there are instances where cancellation may occur.

Cancellation may happen per your request or if the time of service that you have requested is not convenient for you anymore. If the address where you have requested service is not accessible, your order may be cancelled. If the correct product or service cannot be delivered, cancellation may also occur. In situations where the shipping address is wrong, incomplete, locked, or the customer is not available, some services may merit cancellation.

In the event that the products have been damaged during transportation, cancellation will occur. If you have opted for a delivery but the customer has refused to accept the delivery, you may also receive a cancellation. Finally, all orders may be cancelled prior to 5 hours before the service delivery time.

When cancellations occur, you will be provided with a refund. This is because your payment and purchase is fully protected under the Bro4u Trust Money Policy. When a refund is requested, Bro4u typically takes 7 to 14 working days to complete the process. Your refund will be credited back to the account that you used to make the initial payment.

Need Help? Try Bro4U Today!

Do you need help around the house but don’t know who to turn to? With the amount of options in the marketplace, it can be difficult knowing which professionals you can rely on. Thankfully, Bro4u takes the guesswork out of the situation and only provides you with access to the best of the best. The best part is that when you use Bro4u coupons, you have access to premium services for a remarkable low price.


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