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Toppr is an online platform that has been designed to help people prepare for entrance exams in India. The website contains a lot of material that allows people to learn and practice in their own time, providing some of the most comprehensive tests and practise papers in the county. Use Toppr coupons to achieve the best results you can at an affordable price.

Users have access to unlimited test, so they can keep using the resources until they get it right, instant feedback on the tests that you complete, so you know what you have done well and what you need to improve on, and compare rankings, to see how you are doing in comparison to others. 

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About Toppr

Toppr was founded in 2013 by ZishaanHayath and HemanthGoteti, both of which are IIT Bombay graduates. It started small but soon grew into a very successful company, and in 2015 it was voted number three in the list of coolest startup companies according to the business times. Currently the business has two offices, both of which are situated in Mumbai.


The business gives aid for multiple exams, including joint entrance exams and medical exams, even scholarship exams. The content on the site has been developed by Toppr itself, and comprises of 45,000 questions, and the system decides which question the student should answer next.

Each program comes with a fee dependent on which course it is and how long you want to use the system however users can also use Toppr promo codes to get a better deal. All of the courses can be accessed by any platform, be it a desktop computer, laptop, and even a mobile phone.

So what does it cost?

You could do all of your studying for just the price of a movie ticket, by buying one of the plan options from Toppr. If you want an even better deal, then you could find a Toppr coupon code to use.

  • Lite-The cheapest option is the lite option which is charged at 700 per month, so for 9 months the total cost is 4900. With this option you get 500+ hours of video lectures from some if India’s best teachers, plus you can chat with experts 36 times if you have any doubts.
  • Basic-The basic option is charged at 1800 per month, ad here you can make use of over 150,000 practice questions and if you have any doubts, you can chat with experts 63 times.
  • Advanced- The advanced option is charged at 2400 a month, where you can practice with over 150,000 questions, 60+ tests, one sent to you every 2 weeks, and you can ask 90 questions to experts.
  • Ultimate- with the ultimate package you get everything, 500+ hours of video- 150,000+ practice questions, 60+ tests and chat with experts 180 times if you have any doubts.

Get Toppr for free

There is a way to use the program for free, you can sign up without paying a penny, and you can access 50% of the content without any restrictions and ask questions to the experts every day. If you find out that it works and it is right for you, then you can start to pay for one of the subscriptions at a discounted rate if you use Toppr codes.

Download the app today

If you are out and about a lot, then the best way to make use of the services that Toppr has to offer is to download the app. The app is completely free to download, and then you can use the package of your choice and even use Toppr coupons. Download it from the app store of you have an iPhone or Google Play if you are an Android user.

More features

  • Adaptive practice- The tests that you receive adapt with your learning progress.
  • Make goals and tick them off one you have completed them.
  • Performance reports- You get personalised feedback to show areas that you can improve, and what you can do to improve.
  • Previous papers- the papers from the past 5 years of your exam are on the system for you to use and learn from.

Getting social

Stay up to date with everything that is happening with the company by following on social media. Toppr have a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, YouTube and Pintrest. It is a great place to get your hands on some Toppr coupons.

Even more discounts

If you don’t want to pay full price for a package, or not sure if you will like it so want to give it a test first, then there are ways of doing this using a coupon from our site here at DealSunny. Here you can find a range of coupons to use to get money off of the packages, maybe even get a free trial or discounted months. If you don’t find the deal that you want to use the first time round, be sure to check back regularly as the offers are being updated regularly.


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