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Founded in 2010, Ola has provided mobility options for over a billion people. Having greatly simplified the booking process for cabs throughout India, Ola has revolutionized transportation in over 100 cities throughout India. The company also offers Ola coupons to ensure that all aspects of service are cheap and affordable. 

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About Ola

Ola is most well known for its Ola Cabs mobile app, which has made it quicker and easier than ever before to reserve a cab for traveling throughout India. Ola offers many categories of different cabs that can be chosen such as sedan and prime, allowing customers to take full control of the type of transportation they want to have.


Ola has even taken consideration as to how employees are transported. Ola Corporate aids large and small corporations in providing appropriate transportation solutions for their employees. This unique service is just one of the many innovative approaches to transportation that Ola Store offers.

What Makes Ola Affordable?

Ola focuses on creating more affordable and innovative ways for everyone to travel, in addition to improving current transportation options. While Ola aims to provide low and affordable rates, the company also understands that there are circumstances where traveling can be difficult on a tight budget. The provision of Ola coupons for website booking helps to make affordable rates even cheaper so that they will be more cost efficient for even the most challenging budget issues.

If you want to use an Ola coupon, you will have to redeem its related promo code. Your Ola Store promo code can be redeemed during the booking process. When you have made all of your selections, input the promo code into the appropriate box when you provide your personal details to complete the booking. If the process is successful, the cost of your service should show a discount has been applied.

If you notice that there is no discount applied, you may want to check to see if the promo code that you used is still valid. It is not unusual for promo codes and coupons to expire. Always make sure you are using the most recent promo code to avoid issues with invalid coupons. Finally, if you are certain that the code is still valid but it is still not working when you try to apply it, contact Ola customer service with your concerns. They can usually provide you with a quick solution to the problem.

Why Travel with Ola?

Ola provides a lot of unique service options that you would not usually find with other transportation companies. For example, Ola has a partnership with TaxiForSure, allowing these services to be used with the Ola Cabs mobile app. This means that customers have access to even more cabs throughout India. The widespread availability of these cabs ensures that you do not have to wait a long time for your ride to arrive and can leave to go to your destination as soon as possible.

Ola also provides travel categories such as pool, share and shuttle. These categories were designed for individuals that have to commute on a daily basis, whether it’s to work or some other location. The options make it it easier to find affordable options that can provide service to multiple people while charging lower prices.

Partnership is always an open option for Ola. Ola works together with many of the traditional and local transportation services that you have seen within your area such as the yellow taxis of Kolkata or Kaali-Peeli in Mumbai. Auto rickshaws are also an option that is commonly utilized, making it another top choice for partnership.

Understanding Ola Bookings

It is not necessary to register if you want to book a cab with Ola. All you have to do is provide the necessary information when you are handling the booking. Sometimes Ola will charge an additional fee known as a peak time charge. This only happens during times when bookings have been made during some of the most busy and popular traveling times during the day.

Ola always endeavors to provide you with the best service possible. However, the company also acknowledges that there is always the possibility that a car may arrive late. If this occurs, Ola encourages you to contact them so that they may provide you with an alternate vehicle for pick up or a full refund for your experience.

Finally, if you are looking to earn some extra discounts, consider trying out the Ola Referral Program. The more often your friends and coworkers use Ola, the more often you’ll receive discounts. If you’re not interested in the referral program, don’t forget you can always benefit from the general rewards provided by using Ola coupons. With multiple ways to save money and multiple ways to travel, it’s no wonder that Ola has made such an impact on the travel industry.


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