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In a world where almost everything is pushing towards instant gratification, it’s no surprise that many people want to have access to instant recharges. If you’re tired of waiting for your payment to be accepted or you just don’t have time to wait around for a confirmation, RechargeitNow is a great way to make recharges and payments quicker than ever. You can even use RechargeitNow coupons to get great deals on your recharges with every use. 

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Rs. 20 Off On All recharges

Rs. 20 discount on all recharges. Offer valid only on RechargeItnow mobile APP

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About RechargeitNow

RechargeitNow is recognized as the top recharge and bill payment site in India. Renowned as a leader within its industry, RechargeitNow provides instant online pre-paid recharage and mobile bill payment solutions to users. The goal is to provide the most convenient and simplified experience possible for every recharge and payment made.


Why Choose RechargeItNow?

Since it’s initial introduction into the industry, RechargeitNow has developed quality relationships with many service providers throughout India. The company has also focused specifically on the development of a strong technical foundation to ensure that your recharge and bill pay experience is always secure and without an issue. RechargeitNow believes that you should be able to have a secure and private payment experience wherever you use the service and through whatever means you choose to avail.

When you use RechargeitNow, you have access to making payments and recharges whenever you want. This means that you can use the service during any time, day or night. Compared to some services that only function during certain business hours, RechargeitNow is able to provide you with the versatility and convenience that you need for bill pay and recharge. Furthermore, RechargeitNow offers these bill pay and recharge services through an extensive amount of partners, enabling you to make these payments to some of the most popular services within the region. The days of frustration in searching for a company that allows bill pay and recharge for your desired service have finally passed!

Unlike some services, RechargeitNow allows you to handle bill pay and recharges for multiple options. This includes mobile, DTH, data, and postpaid bill pay. In doing so, RechargeitNow can become your one-stop stop for all areas of payment. This is a welcome alternative to the typical hassle of having to use multiple recharge services in order to pay the wide array of services that you may use on a regular basis.

How to Use RechargeItNow

Recharging is quick and easy when you use RechargeitNow. In fact, it can be completed in four steps. First, navigate to the “Online Recharge & Bill Pay” section and select the service, service provider, mobile number or ID, and the value of the recharge that you want. At this point, you will be able to log in to your account or register as a guest for a quick recharge experience.

Choose your payment option, make your payment, and then you will have access to your recharge. RechargeitNow accepts multiple payment options including debit card, credit card, cash card, and Internet banking accounts. Keep in mind that when you are making a payment, you will be taken to a secure site for the payment gateway that corresponds to your chosen payment method. When the payment is received, you will have an instant recharge.

Get Additional Bargains with RechargeItNow Coupons Today

An impressive aspect of using RechargeitNow is that the company actually rewards you for using its services. While you might expect that any benefits or discounts would be related directly to making recharges or handling your bill payment, RechargeitNow actually offers a wide selection of coupons and promotions for a variety of services. When you use RechargeitNow, you can benefit from savings on food, shopping, travel, and many other useful promotions.

RechargeitNow provides you with promotions and discounts to some of the most popular vendors in India including Ferns N Petals, JPearls, Lino Perros and Flipkart, just to name a few. There are dozens of coupons to consider and you are highly encouraged to spend some time browsing on RechargeitNow’s website to find the promotion that will work the best for your needs.

When you find RechargeitNow coupons that you want to use, click the promotion and you will be provided with a promo code. This promo code can be used to redeem the savings associated with the coupon. When you shop at the vendor referenced in the coupon and you are ready to checkout, provide the code to have the discount applied.

RechargeItNow Provides Fast Solutions

One reason that RechargeitNow is a leader in the industry is because of the approach that it has taken to bill pay and recharges. Many professionals consider RechargeitNow to use next generation technology and methods in order to provide you with quick bill pay and recharge results. As India pushes further towards the digital age and keeping up with tight schedules, instant recharge is essential. Service that is available 24 hours a day ensures that you will be able to pay your bills and get recharges when you need them the most, whether you are at home or traveling abroad.

RechargeitNow is also one of the most affordable methods for recharge and bill pay within the region. When you use online recharge in this manner, you have the assurance of knowing that you aren’t going to encounter any additional or hidden fees. This differs greatly from other recharge methods that may charge you convenience fees or other related costs for providing you with the simple service of bill pay.

Need to make a payment or recharge while you’re on the go? RechargeitNow offers a mobile app so that you can have access to this reliable service from any location. The RechargeitNow app is available on Android and iPhones and can be found in their respective app stores. The app also provides you with access to the same great RechargeitNow coupons that are available on the website, so you can take advantage of useful offers and promotions whenever you want.


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