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Indusind Bank Limited is an Indian new generation bank that is based in Mumbai, although has many branches spread out throughout the country. There are multiple ways that customers can make use of the services that the bank offers, and many also use Indusind coupons to make these services cheaper.

The bank was first established in 1994 and was one of the first new generation, private banks in India, and has been very successful ever since, growing in both the services that it offers and customer base. Currently, Indusind provides commercial, transactional, and electronic banking products for customers, and an easy to navigate website that can be used to access these services and apply any Indusind promo codes you may have. 

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About Indusind

The bank specialises in its retail banking services, and is constantly introducing new technologies to improve the system, and is also currently looking at expanding the amount of branches that it has. At the moment there are already more than 800 branches, and 1500 ATMs. As well as in India there is also a representative office in both London and Dubai. By 2017, Indusind are looking to almost double there branch count, and have the number up to 1200.


The company name has derived from the Indus Valley civilisation, which is a culture that has been described as ‘one of the greatest of the ancient world’, and it was this civilisation that inspired the company to be what it is today.

As well as online banking, Indusind also provides customers with the ability to use mobile banking, so they can use the services and find Indusind coupons on the go. Additionally you can use the websites banking tools, access premium banking, log into your account and more.

Offers and more

On the Indusind website there is an offers page that displays the current deals that the company are running.  You can choose from credit card offers, debit card offers or internet banking offers. You can either click on the apply now button or the know more button where you can learn about all the different ways to make the most out of your time with Indusind Bank, such as using Indusind credit card offers on flipkart.

Premium Banking

Indusind bank offer a premium banking service, and have a range of programs available to use. Indus Exclusive ensures there is no compromise, as you will receive many Indus indoffers on products and services that will make you feel well and truly exclusive.

Indus Select comes with a blend of services and also a rewards system where you will be able to have access to hassle free banking along with privileges that you will not get with any other of the Indusind programs.

Indus Exclusive for NRI banking has been designed to make you banking more powerful and yet easy to use. You will also be able to get your hands on rewards that will leave you feeling spoilt, such as lifestyle privileges like money off spa days and golfing events. You also get banking products that are exclusive for this program.

Lastly there is the Indus Select for NRI banking, which has an array of offers and lifestyle privileges attached to it. You can find out more about each one of these programs online on the Indusind banking website, and if you like what you read, then you can apply today.


The rates page on the website show the rates that the company are currently using. The page is updated regularly so you can rest assured that you will always be getting the most up to date information available.

Use a coupon to get a great deal

As well as having great service and access to a range of services, there are other benefits to being with Indusind Bank. You can get your hands on a whole range of Indusind coupons for treats and products away from the banking sector, just for being a customer. Some of the treats could include buy one get one free theatre tickets, discounted entry to spa days, cheaper flights with certain airlines, cash back and money off hotel stays or hire cars,Indusind bank credit card offers on domestic flights, and a whole range of other things. The deals are constantly being updated, so if you don’t see anything you like the look of this time, check back again at a later date for lots more offers. 


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