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If you’re feeling hungry but you’re not in the mood to cook, FoodPanda is an ideal solution. Founded in 2013, FoodPanda provides delivery to over 100 cities throughout India. The service also provides access to over 4000 restaurants, ensuring that food cravings of any type can be fully satisfied. If you’re looking for a discount, using one of the many FoodPanda coupons available can definitely sweeten the deal. 

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About Foodpanda

FoodPanda enables users to order a variety of cuisine online within a matter of minutes, making last minute lunch or dinner plans more convenient than ever before. The entire service can be summed up within four quick and easy steps. Begin by selecting your city and region, which will provide you with a list of restaurants that FoodPanda offers to deliver to your home.


This list of restaurants can then be narrowed down more directly depending on the cuisine that you would like to try. FoodPanda offers a vast amount of cuisine options to choose from such as Hyderabadi, Japanese, Biryani, Chinese, and many more. Upon determining what cuisine you prefer for your meal, you can then browse through the remaining restaurants available in your area and choose from some of the most desirable entrees and desserts available. FoodPanda also offers the option of ordering food through their mobile app which is available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Enjoy Delicious Meals for Less with FoodPanda Coupons 50 Off

Dining on delicious local and international cuisine doesn’t always have to be costly. FoodPanda provides you with access to some of the best restaurants in India for a fraction of the price. All you simply need to do is take advantage of the latest FoodPanda promo code when you place your order online or through the company’s app. After selecting the food that you want to have delivered and putting it in your cart, input the promo code and submit your order. When you see the confirmation page, the order should have the discount applied. It is important to note that only one promo code can be used per order.

Promo codes and coupons tend to vary, but it’s not unusual to find FoodPanda coupons that offer significant savings. Some restaurants even have coupons that offer 50 off of your order, so it’s important to always take a little extra time to find the coupon that will best suit your needs. If you find that your FoodPanda coupon isn’t working correctly or doesn’t seem to be valid anymore, you can also contact the company for replacement coupon code.

Why Should You Order Your Next Meal from FoodPanda?

Using FoodPanda means that you will have more versatility when dining, whether you are enjoying a meal at home or grabbing a bite to eat during a busy day at work. FoodPanda partners with many popular restaurants throughout India including Sagar Ratna, Yo China, Papa Johns, Nirulas, McDonald’s, Eatsome, Bercos Menu, Happy Hakka, and Subway. If you can imagine a specific meal or cuisine that you would like to try, it’s probably available on FoodPanda!

When ordering with FoodPanda, you have a few different payment options to choose from such as cash on delivery, credit card, and online banking. This enables you to have a more convenient ordering experience and ensures that you can enjoy FoodPanda whenever you are on the go. FoodPanda is also able to offer an impressive amount of discounts at many of the most popular restaurants. Curious to find out what the latest discount is at your favorite restaurant? Check out the corresponding FoodPanda app offer to find out just how much you can save on your next meal.

For those that would consider themselves to be foodies, FoodPanda’s delivery service is like a dream come true, providing some of the most exotic dishes on demand and delivered to nearly any address. With FoodPanda, there is always the potential to try a new type of cuisine every day of the week, allowing you to experiment with new flavors and delicacies that you have never tried before until now.

Finally, we all have those days when we simply don’t feel like cooking. FoodPanda provides a welcome alternative during those times and ensures that you can still enjoy a quality, delectable meal even when you don’t have time to cook for guests or aren’t feeling well enough to cook for yourself. FoodPanda coupons ensure that feeding the entire family doesn’t have to be expensive, so whether you’re seeking to find the perfect meal for a special occasion or you just want to order delivery for a cozy day at home, you can always dine carefree.


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