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There’s no secret that India has often struggled with having access to fresh fish. The overall lack of access to fresh fish means that the quality of the fish that is available tends to suffer tremendously. As an alternative, Fresh to Home provides a credible service that has introduced fresh seafood throughout the region. What’s more, with the addition of Fresh to Home coupons, you won’t have to worry about paying high prices for high quality seafood. 

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About Fresh to Home

Fresh to Home is India’s first e-commerce company for seafood. All of the seafood provided by Fresh to Home is fresh and guaranteed to be chemical free. When you buy fish from Fresh to Home, you have the assurance of knowing that what you are purchasing has only be bought from country boats and small trawlers. The company completely cuts out the use of the middle man to ensure that you have access to the best seafood at the best prices available.

Fresh to Home

A benefit of purchasing from Fresh to Home is having access to premium fish that you won’t be able to find elsewhere throughout India. This fish is captured in the traditional way by using a line and hook, which is considered “hook caught”. This method of catching fish ensures that the taste of the fish will be superior in comparison to what you would experience if purchasing a trawler caught fish that has been mass produced.

Top Reasons to Get Your Fish From Fresh to Home

Fresh to Home was created by seafood industry veterans who have decades of experience working with fish and other types of seafood. When you order from Fresh to Home, the fish that you choose is delivered within hours of the catch arriving in the company’s plants. The company also provides you with the assurance of knowing that your fish is completely chemical free due to the use of strict lab testing that is done to verify that the fish is safe for consumption.

Regardless of what type of seafood you may desire, Fresh to Home has an extensive array of options for you to explore. The company offers numerous types of marine fish, shellfish, and freshwater fish. In addition to providing seafood, Fresh to Home also offers you the freshest poultry and meat, making it truly a valuable asset for individuals that want access to the best options available.

Fresh to Home Offers Premium Seafood and Meats for Cheap

As most people are easily aware, premium seafood and cuts of meat tend to be more pricey. Individuals that like to have these options tend to either wait for them to become available on a sale or they make an allotment in their budget for the additional cost. Cheaper cuts of meat and seafood are often considered to be less healthy and may not always provide an adequate amount of food in comparison to what would be available if the more costly premium option were purchased.

When fresh seafood isn’t available, such as the common issue in India, the prices for premium fish and seafood itself only continues to rise. Higher prices are attributed to the fish because there is such high demand for it that people will eventually purchase seafood at inflated prices out of desperation. The scarcity of fresh fish means that even with these inflated prices, you may not be getting the true worth of the price that you’ve paid in the market.

Fresh to Home seeks to eliminate these issues by making premium fish, poultry, and meats available at affordable prices. The company already offers these options at prices that are easily affordable for any budget. However, Fresh to Home also offers a number of promotions from time to time to ensure that you can truly get your money’s worth when you make your purchase. This is generally accomplished through the use of Fresh to Home coupons.

You can use your Fresh to Home promo code when you are checking out on the company’s website. Provide the code when you provide your shipping and payment details, then verify that it has been applied before you submit your order. This is just one of the countless ways that Fresh to Home provides quality seafood and meats for a fraction of the market price. Sometimes Fresh to Home even offers Fresh coupons for PayTM so that you can reap additional savings by using specific payment methods.

Fresh to Home Delivery Information

Fresh to Home strives to provide you with access to your fresh fish order as soon as possible. There are some considerations to keep in mind when making your order to ensure that you receive your fish and meat at a suitable time. Same day delivery is possible, but at the moment, it is only available in Bangalore. In these circumstances, you will have the choice of a morning or evening delivery slot. Orders that are placed before 12:30 PM will receive the earliest available delivery slot in the evening while orders placed after 12:30 PM and before 6 PM will be provided with the earliest available delivery in the morning. 

Please note that a delivery charge is added to your order based upon the location that you are residing in. The company expects that as the volume of fish orders increases, delivery charges will decrease in comparison. Currently, Fresh to Home is able to provide shipments to Bangalore, NCR Region, Trivandrum and Cochin. The company plants on expanding service to other metro areas towards the end of 2020.

In the event that you decide to change your mind about an order, you can cancel it on Fresh to Home’s website assuming that it has not yet been dispatched for delivery to your location. You will be provided with a refund within 7 days of the cancellation. Please note that if you have used any Fresh to Home coupons, you will be refunded for the amount that you paid including the discount of the coupon.


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