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If you love donuts or know someone else who does, Mad Over Donuts is certain to be a big hit among you and your loved ones. Whether you love them as a breakfast addition or even just a random treat during the day, most people will agree that donuts are truly a delight. If you want to ensure that you get the most donuts for your money, using Mad Over Donuts coupons can be a great way to save. 

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About Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts first became a reality when it started as a small donut brand based in Singapore. The company’s main goal was to provide the world with the best donuts that they had ever tasted. Mad Over Donuts now has multiple locations and even offers delivery so that you can enjoy amazing donuts straight from the store to your door!

Mad Over Donuts

In addition to general donuts, Mad Over Donuts provides a variety of products including bites, cakelings, coffee and much more. If there’s a certain donut flavour that you love which was previously made by Mad Over Donuts and you don’t see it available anymore, you can always vote to bring those donuts back to the menu. Do you dream of donuts having a certain flavour? You can even make suggestions and recommendations to Mad Over Donuts for future donut flavours to be released.

What Makes Mad Over Donuts Worth Checking Out

Some brief research will reveal that many people have experienced love at first bite when trying Mad Over Donuts. If you’re not familiar with this donut brand, you might wonder what makes it so different from your local donut shop. There are actually a few aspects of Mad Over Donuts that truly makes the company worth checking out.

Mad Over Donuts offers over 25 flavours that you can try. These flavours include chocolate, glazed, fruit and savoury flavours. Savoury flavours are particularly unique because they are not commonly offered at many donut shops, making this a great option if you are looking to try something a little different from your usual donut purchase. Some flavours of donuts vary throughout the year, such as donuts that are created to have seasonal flavours. It’s a good idea to check in regularly to see what’s new on the Mad Over Donuts menu. If you live near a smaller Mad Over Donuts express outlet, the variety provided may be more limited.

If you have any dietary restrictions, Mad Over Donuts is the most friendly company you will find. All of the donuts available are made without eggs and do not have any trace egg or animal ingredients in them. This means that Mad Over Donuts can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Mad Over Donuts makes their donuts on a daily basis to ensue that you only receive the freshest donuts that are available.

Get More Donuts for Less with Mad Over Donuts Deals

Almost everyone loves donuts. However, if you just can’t seem to get enough of these delicious donuts, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of some of the available bargains that Mad Over Donuts provides. Mad Over Donuts offer a few different ways that you can save money with every purchase. Coupons are generally the most popular option.

Coupons from Mad Over Donuts come in the form of promo codes. When you are making an order for your next assortment of donuts, this promo code can be used during checkout. When your order is ready to be completed, navigate to the shopping cart. During the checkout process, you should be prompted for a variety of information, including your Mad Over Donuts promo code. Provide the code and then apply it to see the savings applied to your purchase.

If the code is unable to apply a discount to your purchase, it may be expired or it may have terms that you have not met with your general purchase. In case of an expired coupon, it is highly recommended that you sign up for updates and information from Mad Over Donuts email subscription. This email subscription will provide you with the latest information about new flavours, seasonal additions, new Mad Over Donuts store locations, and new coupons that are available.

Another way that you can save money shopping with Mad Over Donuts is to join the M.O.D. Sweet Rewards Loyalty Programme. This program will provide you with rewards points every time you make a purchase at Mad Over Donuts. The points can then be redeemed for future purchases so that you can get substantial discounts. You can get points in the program through a few different options. When you place an order at the store, provide your mobile number and points will be allotted to your account. When you register for the program, you can complete your profile for 200 points instantly. Liking Mad Over Donuts Facebook page or commenting there will also provide you with points.

Are You Ready to Become Mad Over Donuts?

If you’re seeking something a little different from your traditional donut experience, Mad Over Donuts may be the right option for you. The brand offers an extensive amount of flavours to choose from and consistently adds new flavors on a regular basis. Since Mad Over Donuts offers delivery, it’s a great alternative to having to stop by at your local donut shop. You can order donuts to be delivered to your home or even your office, making it a truly convenient option.

Even if you love to buy dozens of donuts, you won’t have to worry about overspending when you buy from Mad Over Donuts. The variety of Mad Over Donuts coupons and the helpful loyalty program will ensure that you are rewarded with savings and benefits with every purchase that you make. Once you’ve experienced love at first bite with this donut brand, you’re certain to become Mad Over Donuts too!



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