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HouseJoy is a service that finds experienced professionals and brings them into your house to provide a variety of quality services. Acknowledging how challenging it can be to find legitimate professionals for any task, HouseJoy was created to address the issue present with the search directories associated with these services. If you need professional assistance around your home, consider trying out some of the available HouseJoy coupons for an extra discount on your next service. 

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About HouseJoy

If you’re not familiar with HouseJoy, you may have safety and quality concerns prior to booking a professional service from the company. This is an understandable and expected reaction, so HouseJoy has created an extensive FAQ section to answer any pertinent questions you may have regarding specific services and what you can expect upon requesting service. Information is provided about the experience level of the professionals available as well as some of the different jobs they can complete while they are at your home.


HouseJoy is currently available in ten cities throughout India and plans on continuing to grow its service coverage. If you want to stay updated with new information and any additions to HouseJoy’s service, you can follow the company on its social media accounts via Intagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

What Services Can You Book with HouseJoy?

HouseJoy offers a wide array of services ranging from help around the home to personal care. If you need a cleaning service or a plumber to make a repair in your household, then HouseJoy can provide you with the appropriate professional. Are you in the mood to be pampered but you don’t want to deal with the costly services of a spa? Let HouseJoy bring the spa to you with some of its many beauty services including hair coloring, waxing, and pedicure/manicure options. A selection of HouseJoy beauty coupons make a personal salon day cheaper than ever before. HouseJoy can also send over a personal trainer to help you work out, a technician to repair your laptop, or even professional painters to make your home look like new again. If you can imagine a service that you could possibly need, HouseJoy can provide it to you for an affordable price.

How Can HouseJoy Save You Money?

As you may already know, the costs associated with many of these referenced services can easily become quite expensive depending on the length of the task or the type of work that you need completed. Thankfully, when you book these professionals through HouseJoy, you pay predetermined prices so you always know what to expect. Likewise, HouseJoy provides a wide variety of different coupons and promotions to help you save money in the long run. Need your clothes pressed before your next business meeting or that favorite dress expertly cleaned? Use one of the popular HouseJoy laundry coupons to make that service more affordable than ever before.

Coupons for HouseJoy are redeemed through the use of promo codes. When you book your next professional service, be sure to include your HouseJoy promo code during the order process. The applied code will provide you with a discount on the service. Don’t forget: some promo codes do expire, so it’s always important to check that you have the most recent coupon available for your desired service.

Booking Professional Services on the Go

HouseJoy understands that you’re not always going to be in the vicinity of your computer, which can make it more difficult to book your next service. As an alternative, HouseJoy currently offers an app for Android phones which can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The company is also currently working on an app for iPhone to ensure that all smartphone users will have access to professional service whenever they want.

Booking a professional service via the HouseJoy app is very quick and simple. To begin, open the app and select the service that you would like to request. Provide information about the task that you need completed, in addition to your schedule for the request. A professional provider will arrive at your home to handle your request. In some cases HouseJoy may also contact you to confirm the booking ahead of time. Booking these services via the app can also be very beneficial because sometimes HouseJoy provides exclusive offers and discounts that can only be accessed in this manner.

Whether you need some extra help around the house or you simply don’t feel like handling the chores on your own, HouseJoy is a truly helpful and valuable asset. HouseJoy eliminates the hassle of trying to find reliable, professional services via low quality Internet search directories and connects you with people who are serious and passionate about the work that they can offer. Finally, using HouseJoy coupons when you book your service ensures that you can take advantage of the best pricing and rates available.


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