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If you’re planning on traveling any time soon, you want the assurance of knowing that you’ve selected a quality airline. As a leader in the travel industry for two decades, Jet Airways is one of the best airlines you can choose when traveling from India. The provision of Jet Airways coupons ensures that you can get incredible deals and bargains on even some of the most popular domestic and international flights. 

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12% off on Base Fare for all Domestic Flights Operated by Jet Airways

Tickets must be purchased 20 days prior to departure

12% OFF

12% off on Base Fare for all International Flights Operated by Jet Airways

Tickets must be purchased 20 days prior to departure

12% OFF
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About Jet Airways

Jet Airways was founded in 1992 and is based in Mumbai, India. It is respected as the second largest airline within the region and offers over 300 flights on a daily basis. Jet Airways flies passengers to 68 destinations around the world and has hubs at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schipol, Chennai International Airport, Netaji Subjas Chandra Bose International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport and Kempegowda International Airport.

Jet Airways

Since launch, Jet Airways has received numerous awards for the remarkable quality of service that it provides on a regular basis. Some notable awards include “Best Cargo Airline” in 2020, “Freddie Award Program Of the Year” in 2008, “The TTG Travel Asia Award” in October 2005, “Genius of the Web Award” in 2007, and “Galileo Express TravelWorld Award for Best Domestic Full Service Airline” in 2008. These awards are just a small reflection of the high quality service and performance that is synonymous with Jet Airways airline.

Why Fly with Jet Airways?

Jet Airways takes their services and your flights with utmost seriousness and responsibility. The company is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality experience in-flight and aims to make your booking experience simple and convenient. When you book a flight with Jet Airways, you have the assurance of knowing that you are booking with an airline that is committed to making you comfortable while you are safely transported to your destination.

How to Save Money on Flights with Jet Airways Offers

If you’ve traveled in the past, you know how expensive it can be to travel sometimes. Whether you’re booking a domestic or international flight, prices for tickets have definitely increased and experienced inflation over the years. However, Jet Airways still provides a number of ways that you can save money when booking your flight through them. This is accomplished by utilizing a variety of coupons when they become available.

Do you love to travel in comfort but dislike the high fees associated with higher classes in flight? Consider trying Jet Airways coupons business class during your next booking. These coupons enable you to get access to business class seating for more affordable rates than you could even imagine. It’s a great option if you tend to travel frequently for business or if you just want a little extra comfort and space when you’re on your way to your destination.

When you have found the coupon that you want to use during your online booking process, you will use a Jet Airways promo code to redeem the discount. When you are ready to checkout your ticket and complete the booking, you will be prompted to input information about yourself. During this booking process, you will also be prompted to provide your promo code. Before you submit the booking for completion, you will want to verify that the promo code has been applied for the discount.

If the discount was not applied when you used the promo code, it may be possible that it has expired. This occurs when you are using outdated coupons such as Jet Airways coupons 2015 instead of the most recently released coupon options. Stay updated on your coupons and promotions by subscribing to Jet Airways email newsletter.

Ticket Booking Considerations

Booking your ticket with Jet Airways is easy! Jet Airways recommends that you should take a few main points into consideration regarding your ticketing experience. First, any change to a a confirmed ticket that is issued on INR fare must be done at least an hour before your flight. This includes changes such as cancellation, postponement, and change of itinerary. When your ticket is reissued from a higher to lower fare, there will be a re-issuance charge levied.

In the event that you have an eTicket and you want to cancel, postpone, or make changes to your itinerary, this must be done at a Jet Airways ticketing counter while you are at the airport. Alternatively, you can cancel or change your eTicket by using the “Manage Booking” option available on Jet Airways website. Any refunds will be handled subject to refund penalties associated with fare rules and can only be paid in the original currency of payment. In addition, refunds can only be paid in the original country of payment and form of payment.

A 25% cancellation charge on basic fares is applicable if the ticketing time limit is not met. This rule is also applicable for published full-fare tickets. If you have purchased a flight with a special fare, there will be different cancellation charges which should be indicated in the terms and conditions of your fare. Please note that cancellation charges do not apply to tickets within India where U.S Dollar fares are applicable. 

Finally, keep in mind that changes to the itinerary, refunds, and cancellation terms can vary depending on your use of Jet Airways coupons. Changes to itinerary can lessen or increase the overall cost of your ticket. When seeking a refund, you only be refunded the amount that you have paid including the coupon. As such, you will not be refunded the full price of the fare before the coupon was applied. Cancellations with coupons usually do not incur any additional concerns, but be advised that if a single use coupon has been redeemed to book a flight and you cancel the flight after booking, you may not be able to use that coupon again for another flight in the future.


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