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It’s famously known that Buddha reached enlightenment under a fig tree called the “Bo Tree” and this is where the name of the company “Treebo” comes from. However, they didn’t just take on the name of the tree as an inspiration for the company, they also took on some of the morals and teachings that came along with Buddha.

Providing people with a place to stay at prices that are more than affordable is what Treebo Hotels are all about. Treebo Hotels coupons are readily available to customers on a regular basis. It’s a motto that they have been able to stick to for a number of years now and the company has experienced a lot of success as a result.

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About Treebo Hotels

In the beginning, they were simply offering a form of shelter for people, regardless of how much money they had. Both the rich and the poor were welcome. Another thing that has always been consistent with this company is the fact that they are focused on giving their customers the highest quality accommodation at prices that everyone can afford. That why promotional offers such as Treebo Hotels coupons are sent out to customers.

Treebo Hotels

As of right now, Treebo Hotels have their places located in 27 different cities and this is a number that they have plans in motion to vastly increase over the coming years. They want their services to be on offer to as many people as possible. They have an ambitious goal to be available to you where you may be in your travels and they are currently taking the necessary steps to achieving this target.

Customer Care

Adding a personalised aspect to the way they do business is imperative to how they run things. Not only do they give you a great hotel room with everything you could need at a fantastic price, they add an interactive touch to how they deal with customers. The Treebo Hotels offers combined with the excellent customer service ensures that you’re given the ultimate experience.

When you enter their hotels, they want you to feel completely comfortable. If you have any queries or issues at all, the members of staff who work there are more than qualified to support you by any means necessary.

They are always willing to go the extra length for you to make sure that your visit is a satisfying experience; the overall experience is one of the fundamentals to the entire business. So you know that they are going to be putting in the added effort to make your stay pleasant.

All you have to do is take a look at the reviews that have been left regarding the Treebo Hotel and you will see that people have been having a great time whilst staying in their hotels. Many of them talk about how they are likely to visit one of their branches again when they go away travelling. They also discuss how good the prices were for the services that they were experiencing. If Treebo Hotels offers are used, the prices are reduced even further so you can really get a fantastic deal here.

Travel Enthusiasts

If you are living in India and you have fallen in love with travelling around the country, joining the group for becoming friends with Treebo is something that you would likely be very interested in. If you sign up with them, you have the chance to stay at their hotels without having to pay anything.

You are encouraged to leave reviews and in return, you are given more free stays as well as a great deal of other rewards such as a Treebo Hotels promo code which can be used at any time. When you stay at their hotels, they do not want you to be biased in any way, all they are after is an honest review of the experience that you had. Whether it’s negative or positive, it all goes towards helping them find out the areas that they need to improve in but it also gives them a sense of their biggest strengths.

Treebo Careers

Since this is a company that is constantly looking to expand and become larger, it means that they are also consistently looking for new people to hire. They are always looking for anyone who may have innovative ideas that can be implemented into the business.

They are a very open-minded company, so if you think you have something to offer them, you can be sure that the people already working there are going to willingly take a look at your ideas. There’s no harm in giving it a shot, especially because they are becoming a more and more popular hotel destination that people in India are staying at whenever they are travelling.

The three founders make up the leadership team and they are extremely ambitious but they’ll never forget where they started. Treebo Hotels coupons will always be available and the prices will be affordable for as long as they are in business.


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