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Are you about to embark on a trip but have yet to reserve a place to stay? If so, it’s time to put your trust in TravelGuru. TravelGuru is India’s comprehensive hotel network and is highly respected throughout the region. The company is known for providing the best prices for hotels and holiday packages, especially when TravelGuru coupons are used when booking.

When you choose to book through TravelGuru, you are gaining access to an extensive network of options. For example, you can choose from over 4,30,000 hotels around the world or over 50,000 hotels within India alone. This provides you with accommodations in over 1100 cities, ensuring that you will always have a place to stay when you travel. 

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Flat 40% Off

Min Rs3000 Booking amount.Max Discount Rs3000

40% OFF

Flat 20% Off

Min Rs2000 Booking amount.Max Discount Rs2000

20% OFF

Flat 10% Off

Min Rs1000 Booking amount

10% OFF
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About Travelguru

Hotels For Every Budget

It doesn’t matter what your budget may be, TravelGuru offers a wide range of hotels to select from including budget hotels and luxury hotels. Regardless of what you choose, you will always be provided with the lowest price available for your booking. TravelGuru is able to offer these low prices because of alliances and partnerships that it has developed with various leading hotels. These relationships with hotels provide TravelGuru’s experts with the ability to negotiate low prices so that you can have access to the most affordable rates that are available.


Even if you want to stay in a luxury hotel or something similar, you can generally make it more affordable by making use of TravelGuru hotel discount coupons. This can lessen the overall price of your booking and can sometimes even make it cheaper than you initially envisioned. Discount coupons can be a great addition to your purchase when you want to treat yourself to a more luxurious accommodation. Alternatively, when you’re traveling on a budget, using coupons can make that budget hotel even cheaper.

What Makes TravelGuru Unique

You may wonder what makes TravelGuru better than any of the other hotel and travel booking services that are available in India. TravelGuru takes a unique approach to how it handles bookings and why it dedicates itself to customer service. This is done by considering the concerns that travelers face in all circumstances when making a booking. TravelGuru aims to put itself into the position of the traveler in order to better understand what their needs are when it is time to make a booking for a hotel.

Although TravelGuru has alliances with hotels, it doesn’t mean that the company is biased towards the hotels that are available on the site. TravelGuru provides you with access to all of the available options that are present in real time. Prices that are listed include taxes so that there are no surprise or hidden fees when you make your booking. By doing so, TravelGuru intends to provide full transparency in the pricing provided on the site, further encouraging customers to trust in the company’s provisions. 

TravelGuru tries to make the booking process simple and convenient. It does this by allowing you to make your bookings online via the company website. You can also contact TravelGuru by phone during normal business hours for assistance in making your booking. In the future, TravelGuru plans on making car hires available through the website as well.

Of course, the most common concern with any online booking is in regard to personal and financial information. TravelGuru uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure that all of your transactions are private and safe.The company endeavors to make customers feel comfortable and provide them with the assurance that they are always making a trustworthy booking.

Using a TravelGuru Promo Code When Booking

When you have found the hotel that you wish to book for your upcoming trip, add it to your cart and proceed with the booking process. You can use a promo code during the checkout to get a discount on your booking, but you will want to ensure that it is applied before you complete the payment process. There are generally a few different TravelGuru coupons available, so you will want to examine the terms to determine which option will be the most beneficial and applicable to your purchase.

If it seems that your discount code is not working, you may want to check the type of coupon that you are using. For example, Goibibo coupons will not provide you with the discount that a proper TravelGuru promo code would. For the best result, use the most recent TravelGuru coupons that are available on the site. This way, you can be certain that you will receive the discount in question and you won’t have to worry about the code having potential errors such as being expired or being unintended for use with TravelGuru’s services.


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