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A respected leader in the bus travel industry, Travelyaari is a ticketing platform that seeks to put an end to the difficulties associated with booking bus travel. Undeniably, nearly everyone has had a terrible bus travel experience at some point in their lives, whether it had to do with a seat cancellation or overpriced costs for travel. Thankfully, Travelyaari is redefining the bus travel industry one trip at a time and providing Travelyaari coupons to ensure that you never have to deal with high prices again. 

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About Travelyaari

Travelyaari was founded in 2007 and has had an incredible impact on the Indian travel market. The company provides very affordable prices and doesn’t include any hidden fees or succumb to inflation. Moreover, Travelyaari also provides you with a guarantee that you will get the best seats available for your ride and offers a live bus ticket inventory so that you always know what seats are available when you’re booking. Say bye-bye to dealing with cancelled seats!


This live bus ticket inventory that Travelyaari offers allows you know which tickets have been booked. Unlike other companies that do not provide you with this information and may sell you tickets dishonestly, Travelyaari lets you see the exact seats that are left for you to choose from so that you can decide exactly where you want to sit without worry of having your seat sold or risking purchasing a seat that was never available at all.

How Travelyaari Saves You Money

Travelyaari is very upfront about the costs associated with the tickets you will be purchasing. This transparency ensures that you never encounter any unexpected surprises within your budget when you are paying for your booking. The company also provides a variety of promotions and coupons which can be redeemed as a Travelyaari promo code. This promo code will provide you with a discount on your booking after it has been completed.

To use your promo code, begin the checkout process for your booking. When you are providing your personal details and other related information to complete the booking, you should see a section that will ask for a promo code. Use your Travelyaari coupons code there and ensure that it is applied. If successful, you will see that your fare will be cheaper than what it was initially published as prior to beginning check out.

Travelyaari offers a lot of great discounts on a regular basis and some of them are very unique, such as Travelyaari coupons HDFC users can take advantage of for additional savings. If you want to stay updated on new promotions and coupons that you can use when booking your travel, consider following Travelyaari on social media. You can find Travelyaari on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, often with many new sales and promotions to check out.

Why Choose to Travel with Travelyaari?

Travelyaari treats the topic of travel with realism. Many women avoid traveling and exploring the beauty of the world around them because they are afraid of traveling on their own. Acknowledging this issue, Travelyaari reserves special bus seats for women to ensure that the seat beside them will either be vacant or it will only be given to another women to ensure complete comfort and security. If you are a single woman and you book your travel with Travelyaari, you will never again have to worry about sitting next to someone that may harass you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Another way that Travelyaari seeks to define itself further is by eliminating the issues with bus travel agents. Many customers have problems with their travel arrangements because their bus travel agents simply aren’t paying attention or are too vague during the booking process. With Travelyaari, this never has to be an issue again because you are in full control of your booking.

Do you have a vacation or holiday coming up soon and you don’t know what you’re going to do to celebrate it? Consider booking some holiday travel by bus with Travelyaari. While traveling by plane certainly has its own benefits for holiday travel, traveling by bus is a unique option that allows you to appreciate the sights and surroundings on the way to your destination. It is a great option if you want to see all of the details of different cities in India or if you are seeking to expand a trip throughout a longer travel duration compared to travel by flight.

Travelyaari provides a number of very affordable and exhilerating holiday bus travel packages that are certain to make your vacation memorable. Using Travelyaari coupons provides you with the assurance of knowing that even as you book an extensive holiday vacation, you won’t have to deal with the hassle or any of the high prices that local travel agents would provide. Happy traveling!


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