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EaseMyTrip is a travel booking company that provides customers with access to flight, hotel, bus, cruise and holiday travel package bookings. Regardless of what mode of transportation you are seeking to book or what location you desire to travel to, the company provides a wide range of options for your consideration and can also lessen the overall price of booking by the use of EaseMyTrip coupons. 

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About EaseMyTrip

Founded in 2008, EaseMyTrip has grown nearly exponentially over the years and has become one of the main players within the Indian travel industry. Aiming to provide the best travel services possible throughout the area, EaseMyTrip has created a niche within the industry and is regarded as one of the reputable travel companies in the region. The company features over 50,000 travel agents and also has many branch offices abroad including an office in Dubai and Bangkok.


Not sure where you want to stay during your next vacation? EaseMyTrip has access to over 42,000 hotels, providing you with plenty of potential accommodation options. The company books many different budget and star class hotels at affordable rates making it a great choice for all of your accommodation needs. EaseMyTrip offers exclusive trip packages, deluxe and luxury bus bookings, and an amply supply of discounted domestic and international flight tickets.

Book Affordable Vacation Packages with EaseMyTrip

Without a doubt, everyone loves going on vacation. Unfortunately, there are many people who choose not to travel during their vacation time because it simply doesn’t seem like an affordable option. EaseMyTrip seeks to change this by providing holiday packages and leisure trip packages that can fit into a variety of budgets. With EaseMyTrip, you can customize trips and packages to meet your needs and filter out options based upon what you are willing to spend. Moreover, the company also provides an extensive amount of packages for consideration.

You can also save a lot of money booking your vacation by using EaseMyTrip coupons. These coupons can be redeemed with a EaseMyTrip promo code during the booking process and will provide you with impressive discounts on a variety of travel options. Simply input your code with your personal details during the booking process and apply the discount. If the discount is not working, verify that you have selected the most recent promotion available as older promotions such as EaseMyTrip coupons May 2015 will no longer work past their expiration period.

Why Choose EaseMyTrip?

EaseMyTrip always aims to provide quality customer service and improve the relationship that customers have with their booking service. The company offers a unique combination of professionalism and personalisation that can’t be beat. EaseMyTrip truly values each customer as an individual and strives to ensure that his or her travel plans will be as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Basing treatment on the traditional Indian ethos of “Atithi Devo Bhavah”, EaseMyTrip endeavors to offer a level of performance and professionalism that customers will not be able to find elsewhere. The company encourages feedback from all customers and staff members to gain further insight into areas where services can be improved. At EaseMyTrip, representatives take your opinions of service very seriously to ensure that you will keep coming back for more bookings in the future.

Cancellation Policy

One of the biggest concerns that most travelers have when booking tickets or hotels is what will happen if a cancellation needs to be made. Sometimes the unpredictable may happen and you may realize that you can no longer utilize a specific booking that you have made. In these situations, EaseMyTrip representatives have been trained specifically to handle cancellation circumstances and aim to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Tickets can be cancelled by a travel agent or on your own through the site.

Please note that cancellation charges will apply in these circumstances. If your ticket is refundable, then the charge will depending on the policy of the airline, in addition to Rs.250 per traveling passenger. Your balance will return to your account within 7 working days. In the event that your ticket is non-refundable, the amount of your ticket and Rs.250 will be deducted and taxes will be refunded to you instead.

Experience Easy Travel with EaseMyTrip

If you know you have some upcoming travel arrangements to make, why not consider trying out EaseMyTrip deals? Whether you’re planning for a business trip or you simply want to go on a little vacation, EaseMyTrip is the booking company that will make all of your travel arrangements as simple as possible. What’s more, with an increasing amount of EaseMyTrip coupons available, your travel bookings will be more affordable than you might have even imagined. Regardless of if you’re booking for a family or just yourself, EaseMyTrip is a versatile travel booking platform that you will truly value.


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