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When it comes to all your travel needs, Musafir has everything you could possibly need whether planning a domestic or international trip. Musafir is an India-based website that offers flights, hotels, full trip itineraries, and vacation packages at an affordable price. Through Musafir, travelling does not have to be very expensive or stressful as the website offers entire trip packages for a low price. By using Musafir coupons and discount codes, purchasing your next trip can be extremely affordable. Finding Musafir promo codes is very simple as the website has their own offers page featuring several discount you can apply to your trip. 

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About Musafir

Finding Coupons on the Musafir Offer Page

Although finding coupons through a search engine can be simple, the easiest and most reliable way to find Musafir coupons is to go directly to their website. Click on the offer tab and you will be brought to a page with several deals, offers, and coupons. You will be able to find Musafir discounts taking a certain percentage off of your entire purchase or a specific category, such as a flight. You may also receive a specific amount of money off of your purchase. To find any potential additional discounts, it may be worth the time to make a call to Musafir travel experts to see if they have any coupons you could use.


Another great way to find Musafir coupon codes is by subscribing to the website’s newsletter or checking out DealSunny for the latest available promotions and information about sales. Enter your email address to get an email alert every time a new promotion takes place, and get all the latest information about upcoming sales.

Using Musafir Promo Codes or Offers During Checkout

When checking out, you must first select the necessary flight, hotel, or trip. After you make the selection, you will see the available prices and often times, you will see the discount you can receive for making your purchase. For example, a hotel may cost a certain amount of money for a specific room and above the price, it may say up to 25% off in discounts. Once you click the "book" button and proceed onto the next page, this is where you will have the option to put in your offer code. When your offer code is redeemed, the discount will be taken off of the entire cost of the trip, hotel, or flight.

Simply add in the necessary information that you need to add and your reservation should be made. This process is very simple and only takes a little bit of time to complete. If you have any questions during the process, Musafir has a customer service number that has travel experts fully ready to assist you with anything you may need.

How to Cancel Your Trip on Musafir

Unexpected events happen often and sometimes, someone may need to cancel their flight, hotel, or entire trip. When this occurs, you will need to select your trip in your account and proceed through the steps. If you decide to cancel your flight, there may be a cancellation fee that is due at the time of cancellation. This cancellation fee can be taken out of the refund. There is a limit on flight cancellation, so you may cancel up to 48 hours before your flight. If it is less than 48 hours from the flight departure, contacting the flight's airline directly will be the best way to successfully cancel your flight and receive your refund. Keep in mind that there are both cancellation fees and amendment charges that may be charged to you if you decide to cancel.

How to Receive a Refund from Musafir

Of course, when you cancel your trip, you would like to receive your money back since you did not use the purchase flight, hotel, or trip. In order to receive a refund from a booked flight, you must cancel the flight within the 48 hours before the flight departure. If you decide to cancel less than 48 hours from the flight, you will need to call the airline directly to see if you apply for a refund or not. If you do, your refund ticket will appear in 3 to 15 working days. Depending on your initial purchase method, this make take more time to receive. This refund will be received in your account as soon as it goes through.

If the flight gets cancelled by the airline, calling Musafir's customer service or sending an email explaining the issue will help you receive your refund in a timely manner.

Musafir is a great website to book your trips, flights, and make hotel reservations. With Musafir coupons, discount codes, and offers, going on vacation is very affordable through Musafir.


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