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YatraGenie is a popular travel platform that offers bus and taxi booking services. The company provides bus tickets for many of the major cities throughout India and offers taxi bookings to portions of south India as well. YatraGenie also provides booking services for hotels, tours and is working towards extending its services to logistics administration and airlines. YatraGenie coupons provide extra value to travel bookings this summer, making them more cost efficient and affordable.

At DealSunny we gather all YatraGenie offers on this very page, so you never have to go anywhere else to save money on your bookings. However if transport or hotels aren't what you're looking for today, or database has thousands of different merchants to choose from, including web stores, service providers and even fast food delivery apps.



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About YatraGenie

It has been said that YatraGenie is one of the most rapidly growing ticketing organisations within India. Unlike some companies within the industry, YatraGenie doesn’t charge any additional fees for booking or providing service. The company aims to make booking travel and accommodations simple and convenient. As such, it is not necessary to register with YatraGenie to use any of the services that it offers, though you may want to anyway.



The privately held company was founded in 2013 by Renil Komitla and has rapidly grown to over 50,000 customers daily. In total they are in over 65 cities and operate their own fleet of over 25,000 Taxis, as well as providing booking services for third party transport companies as well. Their headquarters is in Bangalore, India.

Save Money on Travel with YatraGenie

Two types of coupons are provided when you use YatraGenie. Some coupons come directly from the company itself, whereas other YatraGenie coupons are provided by the service operator, such as redBus. Although registering with YatraGenie is not required, doing so will provide you with special discounts and coupons on a regular basis. Generally, coupons will be emailed to you if you are a registered member of the service.

Uses and expiry dates for your YatraGenie promo code will vary. For example, there are some coupon codes that can only be used one time, while there are other codes that can be used multiple times because they are part of a promotion that YatraGenie offers. Most coupon codes from YatraGenie cannot be shared because they are associated directly with your account, meaning that the code will cease to be functional if another user attempts to redeem the coupon.

In the event that your coupon code does not work but you believe that it should, you are encouraged to contact YatraGenie. YatraGenie offers a functional support center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and endeavors to provide a solution to any concerns as soon as possible.

Book Travel Quickly and Easily

If you typically have a busy schedule, you already know how important it is to stay active and get to where you need to go on time. YatraGenie aims to make your travel booking process quicker and more efficient. One option that many users have found particularly effective is the use of the YatraGenie app. The YatraGenie app allows you to book all taxi travel within a matter of minutes, making it a great option for people who need to catch a ride quickly.

YatraGenie’s app allows you to check the current rates on taxi travel and estimate how much your fare will cost from your current location to your destination location. To book travel via the app, choose your current location and your desired destination, then choose the car that you would prefer to pick you up.

Payment and Refund Policies

YatraGenie accepts a variety of payment options including all standard debit and credit cards when booking through the website. Payment via Netbanking will also be an option in the future. 

If using the app, you can also make use of the PayTM and PayUMoney mobile wallet platforms. These allow you to use a preloaded balance, as well as most common cards. What's more beneficial is that they often give you cashback.

During a booking transaction, any seats that you have selected for a bus ticket booking will be reserved for you for a period of 8 minutes while you input your payment details. If your payment has not been completed within this timeframe, the seats will be released and may be booked by another individual.

256 bit SSL encryption is used for all transactions on the site to ensure that your payment details and financial information remains confidential. Furthermore, YatraGenie also monitors all transactions on the site in order to ensure that fraud does not occur. Regarding refunds, in the event that your ticket is cancelled or service is cancelled, you will receive your refund as a cash coupon through your email. Cash coupons are sent within 24 hours of the refund or the cancellation. If you would rather have a full cash refund instead of a cash coupon, YatraGenie’s customer service can credit the amount back to your account.

Why Choose YatraGenie?

YatraGenie is dedicated to providing you with a high quality experience every time you travel. The company is growing rapidly and constantly working on providing new services. An asset to the Indian community, YatraGenie also frequently works with charities and other non-profit organisations to further improve the lives of people throughout the region.

Booking travel doesn’t have to be an expensive, daunting process. Using YatraGenie coupons, you can travel throughout India for a very affordable price without having any worries regarding your budget. Furthermore, YatraGenie travels along many of the same routes used by APSRTC, ensuring that you will have access to some of the most popular bus routes within India.

They are also very versatile, allowing you to access the site from any internet connected device with a web browser, or via a mobile app for Android and iOS devices if you are on the go or don't have access to a typical computer.

How To Use YatraGenie

Booking your buses, cabs, hotels and tours with YatraGenie couldn't be easier. Your first step is to decided whether you want to go to the website using a web browser or use the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. These are available from the respective Google Play and Apple App stores. On Google Play the app has an average star rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, from over 5,000 reviewers. The only key difference is the ability to pinpoint your location on an animated map.

Before making a booking it is wise to register an account with your personal details so you can keep track of your bookings and history, and complete the process faster in the future. You will need your name, email address, location and payment details at various stages, all of which will be saved for future use.

Whether on the app or the site you will be greeted with a simple search function with tabs for Buses, Cabs, Hotels, and Tours. If booking a bus you choose from One Way or Round Trip, enter the From and To City, and the Departing Date. For Cabs you choose from a City Taxi, Outstation or Airport cab, select the City, enter the exact Pick Up Location and Drop Off Location, and the Pick Up Date and Time. 

For hotels you enter your Place of Interest, select the Check In and Check Out dates from the calendars, and choose the number of rooms, adults and children. For Tours simple enter where you are going and the Date.

After filling in any of these simply hit the Search button and all of the relevant results will be displayed. You can scroll through to get an overview of each result or click it for more detail information. You can go to the booking page from either screen.

When happy with what you want to book, you will then be required to choose a payment method and enter your details. Just prior to this you will see a promo box where you can enter any YatraGenie promo code from DealSunny or elsewhere to get a discount.

Once the booking has been made you will receive confirmation via email and SMS depending on your personal preferences. You can print this or show it on your smart phone screen when checking in to a hotel. Actual tickets will also be sent with a link to print from home . No physical tickets will be mailed to you, so you must ensure you have access to printing facilities. 

The site and app also has a dedicated page for YatraGenie offers and deals, though these are often just advertisements for their typical prices and services. For a full list of offers that can get you great discounts be sure to check back to DealSunny. We collect everything on one page so you never have to waste time searching the internet for YatraGenie coupons that are actually valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YatraGenie Cost Money To Use?

No, YatraGenie is a completely free service. The price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden charges or booking fees. You might even get a discount if you apply one of the offers from DealSunny.

What Is The Cancellation Procedure?

You are free to cancel your booking at any time, providing it is 4 hours before the travel or check-in time. This can be done from within your online account by clicking the booking and hitting cancel. You can opt for either YatraGenie credit, which you can use for another booking in the future, or a refund to the payment method used. This can take up to 7 working days to appear on your statement.

Who Do I Complain To?

Unless you are experiencing a problem with the website or app itself, YatraGenie is not responsible for any issues you may have a hotel or travel provider. YatraGenie is a booking platform only, so any complaints should be directed to the travel company or hotel where applicable. 

Is My Personal Information Secure?

Yatra Genie is a widely used website in India and has never had any major data breaches or hackings. They use the latest encryption technology and industry standard secure online payment gateways, to ensure your data is safe and secure. 

How Do I Redeem YatraGenie Offers?

Specific deals can come in many forms, such as standard discounts that are automatically applied to your booking or YatraGenie coupons that you must enter during the online checkout process. If using DealSunny simply click on the offer that takes your fancy and all of the terms and redemption details will be revealed to you.


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