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Touted as the fastest growing online bus ticketing company in India, AbhiBus has been a bus ticketing agent since 2007. Founded with the intent to simplify the booking process for bus rides, AbhiBus has made a significant impact in the industry by introducing the latest technology and further enabling the public to book bus tickets within minutes. Bus travelers can also utilize AbhiBus coupons to help them save money on each ride they take. 

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About AbhiBus

As a bus ticketing agent, AbhiBus offers inventory from over 2000 bus operators covering 50,000 routes. This coverage ensures that travelers will be able to choose from a large selection of potential routes, prices, and service providers when booking their trip. As AbhiBus continues to grow as a company, the amount of routes and bus operators offered to the public through AbhiBus also continues to expand.


Booking Tickets with AbhiBus

Booking your bus tickets with AbhiBus is a very quick and simple process. Please keep in mind that you should aim to book your bus tickets at least two hours prior to departure to ensure that you will have time to board the bus. AbhiBus recommends arriving at the pick up point for the bus around 15 minutes before the departure period so that you can provide your boarding pass and any other personal identification to verify your ticket.

Reasons to Book Your Bus Tickets with AbhiBus

AbhiBus carries ticket inventory for some of the most popular bus operators in India such as Jabbar Travels, Jai Bharat, Neeta Travels, Pavit, and many more. When you book your trip with AbhiBus, you can be assured that you are booking a ride with a quality operator and that you are going to get your money’s worth for your booking. If you are someone who rides the bus on a daily basis or even on a weekly basis, you that it can become quite pricey after a while. Compared to some of the competitors in the region, booking your trip with AbhiBus will help to save you money instead of increasing the overall cost.

Every AbhiBus booking has the potential to save you money if you know how to use the available promotions to their fullest advantage. AbhiBus provides plenty of offers to its customers as an incentive for their loyalty. For example, if you choose to book your bus ticket through the AbhiBus mobile app, you can receive a flat Rs.50 off of your order.

Another popular promotion that many travelers take advantage of is the AbhiBus coupons HDFC Bank offer. Travelers using this promotion can receive up to 10% cash back if they are a member of HDFC Bank. In order to redeem this offer, travelers must use HDFC Netbanking, credit, or debit when booking their travel through AbhiBus. Upon completing the offer, the 10% cash back will be credited back to your account in AhbiCash, which can be used for your future bus ticket bookings.

How to Redeem an AbhiBus Promo Code

When you have found an offer that fits well with your needs, make sure to use it before you complete your booking. Sign in to your account on the site and then select the bus, seat, and the boarding point that you wish to have for your upcoming bus ride. Provide any requested information about your trip in the following page. Prior to reaching the payment portion of the page, you should see an area that says “I have a coupon code”. Input your promo code into this area and then apply it to your booking. The page should reflect a discount, if applicable, upon showing the confirmation.

There are two different types of coupons that can be used when booking your bus ride with AbhiBus. The first option is a cash coupon. Cash coupons can only be used for one booking during a specific time period. This type of coupon is usually provided by AbhiBus to allow you to book your tickets if you have previously experienced difficulties or errors when previously booking through the company. In contrast, the discount coupon can be used during any booking and is not specific to a certain period of time. Discount tickets are provided in the form of promo codes and the general offers that are available on the website.

Whether you use the bus to help you get to work, visit friends and family, or you just like to take the occasional scenic trip, AbhiBus makes it very convenient to get to where you need to go for a more affordable price. If you like to travel by bus often, try to check the availability of AbhiBus coupons on a regular basis. This way, you will always have access to the latest coupons when they are available and you may even be able to catch some of the more deeply discounted ticket prices when they go on sale.


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